Welcome to Red Rose Public Senior Secondary School, Lucknow
Esteemed Parents
We impart sound and value - oriented education to develop a student academically, intellectually and morally. We believe in excellence in all the spheres of life. Keeping the fee at a reasonable level without impairing the quality of education is our objective. We also believe that education must be humane; it must include not only the training of the intellect but also the refinement of the heart and discipline of the spirit.
Dear Students.
You have dormant faculties. We probe, awaken and energies them. This needs your involvement and motivation along with ours. We endeavor to develop your all round personality. Certainly you will then, attain the glorious heights of knowledge, be an asset to your own family, society and the nation.
Smita Mishra  
24 Mar 2014
Admission Open for Session 2014-15
New Session has been started from 24th March 2014
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